Change is coming…

Work deadlines, training, a trip to the ER after my last 10-mile run. It all culminated in a break from here. In the interim, I’ve decided to shake things up a bit. Starting soon: this blog will be mainly devoted to craft beer. Trust me, food will still be an integral part (I loves me some good food with a good beer). But you know what? I’m the rare girl that will take a beer over wine any day of the week. Wine gives me a headache. It’s a no-go. It always results in something bad. But a good craft beer? I’m there. (As is evident by my stubborn bit of belly fat that shows no signs of disappearing no matter how many endurance runs I make.) And that’s okay. I’ll carry around my little belly that represents my fondness for what small-batch breweries are churning out. So, get ready to belly up to the bar with this Southern gal. I’ll be posting my impressions of craft beers, beer issues (like why the hell is Hardywood not distributing in my area?!), food that pairs well with beer, and the like. Rest assured, I’m not a cicerone (or beer sommelier). I’m not paid or endorsed by any brewery. I can’t tell you the individual, malty notes of each beer. I have no idea how to differentiate between each type of hop. But I do know what I like, and I am opinionated. So I’ll tell you here, and you can agree or disagree or point me in the direction of a good craft beer I’ve overlooked (just as long as we both agree that I won’t do the beers erroneously labeled “craft” [like Shock Top or Blue Moon]). This will be a celebration (or a jeer if I don’t like the beer) of all things craft, in a very approachable style. Join me, and drink up!


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