Yep, this is me.

So, welcome. I’m Mindy, I’ll be the crazy blogger around here, the one obsessing about food. That’s kinda my thing. I’m not going to cram too much in here because you’ll find out all about me soon enough. The basics: I’m an editor by profession (or a “professional communicator” if you want to get all fancy and abstract, but I don’t). I’m a distance runner by recreation. In between all of that, and (let’s be honest) during all of that, I think about food. A lot. At my core, I’m a wannabe chef who dreams of starting a restaurant some day, even though I know how crazy it is, oh my god, what are you even thinking woman, do you know how many hours that requires and you’ll never have a life and blah blah blah. Don’t care. It’s my dream, let me have it for a while.

My goal here is this: to get you to try out some recipes I throw out on this blog, give me feedback, make me feel good about it or tell me it tastes like shit. Whatever. The thing about this crazy experiment, though, is this: I don’t use processed foods. As a Southerner, I wanted to get back to the way my great-grandmothers and grandmothers cooked, using (for the most part) what’s available and cooking seasonally. It’s a big movement right now, this local foods/locavore thing. But it wasn’t always a “movement”–it was a necessary way of living. For older generations, it’s nothing new. But for my generation, it is. And it can be intimidating, yes. That’s why I’m here. To give pointers, to continue this discussion about cooking with more whole foods, to make mistakes and learn. On my end, I promise no lectures. I promise only the occasional lengthy, involved recipe. I promise I will wax poetic about Charleston, Sean Brock, the revival of Southern food, Jack White, craft beers. I can’t always promise you’ll fall in love with the recipes I post. But (speaking in total cliches because there’s no other way I can succinctly say this) we’ll learn together.


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