Excuses, Round 1

It’s not that I’ve been lazy. I was training for my first marathon. You guys, I ran 26.2 miles. I did it. And now I’m lazy. Well, now I’m not supposed to train as much to give my body some recovery time. Which means I feel terribly lazy and not quite sure of what to do with myself since I can pretty much go home after work and hang out. It’s an odd, disconcerting feeling after being driven week after week by a training schedule. I miss that schedule. One thing’s for sure: I haven’t been blogging about food. I’ve eaten plenty of food, and I’ve cooked plenty of meals, but in the days leading up to a race that amounted to a tug-of-war between my brain and legs, the food got pretty bland. There are certain ways you want to make sure you end a race, and finishing relatively clean other than the expected sweat is right up there on the list, if you catch my drift. So, I consumed lots of baked chicken, potatoes, rice, cooked vegetables, bread…it’s a food cycle my body doesn’t enjoy. Technically, it’s called a low-residue (low-fiber) diet. It’s not fun. Which means there wasn’t much to say here.
But, the marathon is behind me. Ahead of me are more marathons, but not for another four months. So, the food options have opened back up, hallelujah. Which means I’ve had the chance to literally feed my growing obsession with Thai food. That’s probably what you’ll see a lot of on this site during the days and weeks to come. While others indulge in the usual pumpkin-and-spice of the upcoming holidays (foods that I admit are still my downfalls), I’ll be exploring the ginger-and-spice-and-coconut-milk-and-lemongrass-and-Thai-chili-and-fish-sauce foods that are starting to scream “comfort” to me when laden with fresh chilies/heat.
So, this is just a way of saying, “Hey, I’m back” and a chance to provide a sneak peek into the meals that will likely make their way onto the site. They probably aren’t all technically Thai foods; some I’m quite sure are just bastardized versions. Regardless, they have an Asian flair to them, and they provide a great respite from the animal fats of milk and butter that weigh down the holiday table. Just hang in there, and I’ll get back into the swing of things in a day or so!

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